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Player name: Skai
Contact: nanomachinesson on Plurk. But PM the journal is the best way!
Characters currently in-game: None.

Character Name: Samuel T. Owen (goes by "Sato")
Character Age: Early 60s.
Canon: Ajin: Demi-Human
Canon Point: Around chapter 32, while back at the safe house. Caution! App contains what may be a minor spoiler for the most recent chapter (42) in the powers section.


(There's a wiki here but the history section only covers backstory revelations, so let's start at the beginning and get through the whole thing up to his canon point. Although the series is largely the same between the manga and anime, when they conflict, the manga takes precedence for this app.)

Although Samuel's father tried to raise him well, it was pretty obvious that something was very wrong with his boy. But not understanding why it was wrong to kill small animals was really only the starting point for young Samuel. Somewhere around age 16-17, he ran off, lied about his age and joined the marines. Nicknamed 'Pokerface' by the other guys in basic training due to a complete lack of expression on his face at all times, he was quickly recruited to a secretive elite team of soldiers. However, his military service ended after an incident in '76, not long after the military had officially left Vietnam. He was part of a rescue mission to stealthily bring back a a captured marine from a Vietnamese camp where they hadn't quite caught on yet that the war was over. Everything went well until they found their man... at which point "the devil woke up" as Sato intentionally pulled out his gun and shot the ground, bringing the attention of a hundred armed and hostile Vietnamese down on them. From a team of four, one died, one was seriously injured, and Sato himself lost a leg and was dishonourably discharged.

Although there's no detail given, Sato clearly died, discovered he was an Ajin -- a person who revives shortly after death and cannot be killed -- and came to Japan some time before the start of the story proper. At some point, he also broke into a government facility to rescue the only officially known and captive Ajin in Japan, Tanaka, who had been suffering through endless tortuous experiments there for the last ten years. When news of a third Ajin in Japan comes up, a kid by the name of Nagai Kei, Sato was obviously interested in making contact and having him join up with him and Tanaka.

Sato and Tanaka kidnapped Nagai's sister to get more information on what sort of person Nagai was, and used her phone to set up a meeting with him. But after meeting him and seeing that Nagai didn't bear any ill will towards humanity as a whole, Sato and Tanaka faked an attack by government agents and after shooting Nagai with a tranquillizer dart... Sato actually hands him right over to the government, his hope being that what they do to Ajin will convince Nagai to hate humanity.

Ten days later, Sato and Tanaka assault the facility where Nagai is being held to rescue him, and attempt to kidnap a leading Ajin researcher in the process. But not only have the cruel experiments not changed Nagai's attitude in the way Sato was hoping, the kid even tries to spare the lives of some of the surgeons that had worked on him and ends up killing Sato with his own gun. Acting angry for the fun of it, Sato promises to hunt Nagai down, decapitate him, and let Nagai watch his own body grow a new head. In the end, Nagai manages to escape with his head still on his body, and Sato and Tanaka regroup.

Encouraged by the seeing new Ajin around (even if Nagai didn't want to be friends) Sato then began his little "wargame" innocently enough by playing up the poor old man act, letting the media know about his Ajin status and posting videos of the government experimentation on Tanaka online -- and putting out the call for the public to come to an innocent-seeming protest in front of government offices at a set time.

Few people showed up, but lots of Ajin IBMs, unseen by video cameras, did. Tanaka's IBM communicated with them, setting up the real Ajin-only meeting place. When they arrived there in person, Sato explained his human genocide plan quite clearly; several of the other Ajin were with him, but a number weren't. Only one of those opposed managed to escape (the others were tranquillized and locked in steel barrels underground).

With the help of one of his new Ajin conspirators, Sato made another broadcast, naming a specific target to make an example of for their involvement in the cruel treatment of demihumans: Grant Pharmaceuticals. Although security was strict after his announcement, it didn't help... since Sato hijacked a plane and flew it into the building, laughing. With a little help from his team, he even managed to take down an entire heavily-armed SAT squad at the site of the crash on his way out.

Not long after, Sato announced the "second wave", publicly naming 11 targets for assassination and promising a final "third wave" if treatment of Ajin by society did not improve. But after the first few killings, he found himself bored of the whole setup, leaving Tanaka and the rest of his little terrorism team to handle the rest and promising to get involved again when the time for the third wave came.

"You know when you play Mario? Is it because you're excited to save Princess Peach? Sure, you need a story, but you're playing it because it's fun to jump on turtles, aren't you? Mister Sato's a simple person like that."
-- Okuyama
There's no nice way to put it, so let's say it straight: Sato is a manipulative psychopath. A player of games, without any legitimate care or concern for anyone else. He moved from killing animals as a small child to killing men in Vietnam to killing regular humans in Japan, never showing any remorse or empathy, only euphoria and delight.

That lack of concern extends to himself, in many ways, as Sato shows unnerving fearlessness in the face of danger or physical harm. He's died so many times that it's clear that he barely even registers physical discomfort any more: able to chop off his own arm while still wearing his trademark smile, or simply shoot himself in the head to 'reset' without hesitation... never mind the strong implication that he harvests and sells his own organs on the black market. That doesn't mean there aren't things he doesn't like. He'll go to extreme measures to avoid being captured and confined, and he was definitely disappointed when he lost a leg back in Vietnam (back before he died the first time and found out he was an Ajin). But these are things that, to him, are more like an inconvenience rather than a punishment, and there's no actual sorrow or regret about his own actions -- he wasn't unhappy about losing his leg or getting dishonourably discharged per se, he was unhappy about being out of the thrill of battle. He simply doesn't have feelings like a normal person, and never did, even as a boy.

Having said that, he's rather good at putting on appearances when he wants to. Though he was nicknamed "Pokerface" back in the marines, he's long since traded in that blank and neutral expression for a usually mild and pleasant smile paired with an equally calm and relaxed tone of voice. It's easy to convincingly play the kind old man who cares about your problems and just wants a better world for everyone -- the kind of fellow who can settle down on the sofa for the evening with a classic Nintendo game and a nice cup of tea, two sugars. It's equally easy to play the enraged killer and stalk teenagers while threatening vicious decapitation. But at his most sinister, Sato is doing it to get his opponents riled up more than out of any genuine cartoon-villain-level evil.

Indeed, the real Sato isn't quite either one of those false facades -- when clearly not thinking about it or distracted, his expression defaults back to the one that gave him the old "pokerface" moniker. He's definitely a horrifying individual, yes, but horrible by way of indifference to others and his almost childish level of thrill-seeking behaviour. And make no mistake, fighting and killing is definitely the best kind of thrill for him, even when the target can't die; he has a wonderful time messing with Nagai Kei, building up the threat of what decapitation could possibly mean for an Ajin and fully planning to kill him even knowing it wouldn't stick.

But he's not entirely without positive traits. He's intelligent and able to adapt to changing situations easily, keeping one step ahead of both government and other Ajin pursuers. And although he's not a tech geek, he's interested enough in technology that he keeps up -- getting events livestreamed, placing deliveries online, getting excited about holo-sight scope tech (even if he doesn't totally understand how it works).

He's also a VERY creative problem solver, his most spectacular stunt to date being the infiltration of a heavily guarded building with... well, not to spoil it entirely, but it involves a cleaver, a spicy fried chicken recipe, and an industrial-strength woodchipper. He loves a good challenge, and getting into or out of difficult places to kill and rescue people is top-tier good times for Sato.

Sato also happens to really enjoy the challenges of video games, a hobby he most likely picked up after his dishonourable discharge from the Marines (despite claiming to have played games as a child, the time-lines don't match up to his claims). It's not uncommon for him to reference games when coming up with metaphors or comparisons, and in fact, probably the easiest way of understanding him is from that point of view. With an infinite number of 'lives', now as an Ajin everything is just one big game for him. He may pose as a revolutionary, seeking a peaceful place for the Ajin to live without being subject to government interference and tortuous experimentation, but this isn't really what he's all about. No, it's one big excuse to play his own real-world game of Doom.

Actually, Battlefield might be more accurate, since he doesn't mind being in a group of team-mates to terrorize and kill... just as long as it doesn't get boring. In fact, while he may be running a huge emotional and empathic deficit, at the same time he always seems to command some level of respect from those he's actually worked with. He was a model soldier until the end of the war (minus whatever atrocities were committed in the name of battle, mind), and not only is he able to organize a group but can play quite nicely with others, coordinating and scaling up his plans. He's, at least on the surface, appreciative and encouraging, and is more than happy to take advantage of others' strengths and capable of trusting others enough to leave them to handle various parts of his plans. He seems to understand the value of teamwork, even if he doesn't get any of the emotional attachments of being part of a team -- inside, he's always a lone wolf.

In short, when you get right down to it, Sato is a very simple, very bad man, with very simple and very bad motivations. He may hide it with a friendly smile, lies, and misdirection, and can even be rather likeable when you're on the same side. But ultimately he only thinks of himself and his warped idea of a good time.

  • One of his usual styled outfits (hunting cap, white button-down, trousers with suspenders, checkered socks, italian wingtips).
  • M1911A1 pistol with a full magazine
  • PS Vita with a good selection of games on on the memory card


Ex-marine: Sato is proficient with and knowledgeable about a wide variety of weapons and tactical manoeuvres. He's still in good shape for a man in his 60s, and frankly is kind of a huge badass in combat: he quite enjoys killing, and he's good at it.

Video games: Sato does know and love playing his games, the best being puzzle platformers and first-person shooters -- and he always plays them on the hardest difficulty. He's seen playing NES, Xbox 360 and a PS Vita, as well as referencing PC games like Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Ajin abilities:
  • Immortal. While Ajin can be killed, they revive within a few seconds. Missing limbs are replaced, toxins and poisons removed from the system... back to normal in every way. Missing parts will come together if they're nearby, and if too far away (~5-10 meters) regeneration will start with the largest piece and create new bits as needed. Regeneration can destroy as well as create, since anything in the path of the newly-revived body that doesn't belong there will be removed (eg, bullets lodged inside a body). Ajin are impossible to kill and Sato in particular makes use of this in new and creative ways.
  • Paralysis scream. Although Sato is never seen to use it himself, all Ajin have the ability to immobilize normal humans for a short period by screaming. It varies in effectiveness depending on whether or not the person is aware of Ajin or friendly, and is easily countered by just wearing earplugs.
  • Black Ghost. Composed of "invisible black matter" (IBM), many Ajin can manifest a black bandaged-looking humanoid that can (usually) only be seen by other Ajin. These Black Ghosts, despite being invisible, are made of physical matter, and strong enough to tear a person or tree apart. Most Ajin can only keep them together for a few minutes before it falls apart. Sato has a good level of control over his, and although he can only manifest it a couple times a day, he can make it mimic his voice, stand in the way to block bullets, and has recently learned to let it become a little bit self-aware and independent of his own consciousness, allowing it to wander on its own or act while he is unconscious or dead. Sato's IBM ghost has a flattened head (that can split open into a giant toothed mouth with a forked tongue) and clawed hands with six fingers.


This is exactly the kind of guy that the Door was meant to bring in. He's:
  • Killed thousands
  • Kidnapped a little girl
  • Intentionally let a kid get tortured
  • Hijacked a full passenger plane and flew it into a building
  • Traded in black-market goods (organs for weapons) with organized crime
  • Buried people alive
and that's just off the top of my head. Do I need to go on? He's not a good person.

Action Log Sample:

Test drive, vroom vroom, let's mess around with another shitkid from a different series...


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CHARACTER SERIES: Ajin (Demi-human)


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Hugging this character: If you really want to?
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Confinement/incapacitation of this character: I'm down for plotting, let's chat!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it. He can't stop you.

Warnings: Sato needs so many warning labels. Particularly for brutal/gory death and maiming and disturbing imagery (ie, 'resetting' by shooting himself in the head). If you've got any concerns at all about having your toons interact with this guy, please let me know and we'll make sure everything is cool for everyone.


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